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André Daemen

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My name is André Daemen.

I am a qualified piano teacher, graduated as a Teaching Musician at the Alkmaar Academy of Music. Music is my life and I would like to share it with others. I played together a lot with other musicians, as an accompanist of singers, in chamber music, with orchestra's and choirs.
To teach amateurs and semi professionals is something I like very much.
I am always interested in the possibilities a pupil has and I find it challenging to try to get the best out of him or her.


EPTA stands for European Piano Teachers Association.

I am a member of this Association. The teachers of the EPTA are qualified and skilled, and familiar with modern teaching demands and methods.

The EPTA takes graduating exams. Sometimes I am asked to be a member of the jury.


I also give piano recitals or so called Lecture-Concerts. At your home, or at firms, institutes or associations.

A concert program takes about 50 to 60 minutes (no interval).

Music of Bach until Rachmaninov. 

I can deliver a very special lecture about the composer Frédéric Chopin.

During the lecture I tell about the life of Chopin and his works. Text alternates with music. I play several compositions, thus illustrating the text.

For the concerts, and lecture-concerts as well, there should be a piano or grand piano of good quality and tuned.
Renting an instrument is possible.

Please contact me for more information.

Below some excerpts from me during various concerts.

André Daemen plays Frédéric Chopin - polonaise As-Dur, opus 53 “Heroique “


André Daemen plays Ravel - La Valleé des cloches, part 5 from Miroirs.

André Daemen & Evelina Vorontsova*: Rachmaninov - from Suite nr. 2 ( 2 piano’s ) part 4: Tarantella.


André Daemen & Evelina Vorontsova*: Rachmaninov - Symphonic Dances ( 2 piano’s) no 1



*) Evelina Vorontsova is a concert pianist en chamber musician and has her own piano school in Amsterdam: www.pianoles-amsterdam.com